If you are planning DRS in the auto-mode, shipment are assigned to bikers automatically. This is great time saver for the depot manager and let us understand more about its CLUSTER MODE

The cluster mode works on two main constraints

  1. Capacity: This denotes the total number of shipments a biker can carry in a single run. Capacity is either total weight of shipments he can carry (>= 40kgs)  or just plain shipments (60)
  2. Time: This denotes the total time biker has to complete one shift of shipments. Usually varies between 8 to 10 hrs.

How does CLUSTER mode work
The cluster mode has an internal routing logic through which it creates a DRS for a biker asking him to finish his shipments as close to the DEPOT as possible.

You also have the option to revert the current plan and go back to the old screen if you dont like the way DRS is planned.


Will explain more about the PINCODE mode in the next post.


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