A routinely reported error inside Transporter is 'AWB not found'. This error happens when the system cant track the current status of the shipment. 

This can happen because of one or more of the following reasons

  1. Trying to inscan the shipment before pressing PULL. Before the shipment is imported in the system you cannot scan it.
  2. If the biker does not update the status (Delivered/Undelivered) of the shipment once the DRS is sent to his mobile app. Such shipments will not available for scan next day
  3. Shipment is not received via the API from Fllipkart and you are trying to inscan it on the dashboard
  4. The shipment is already marked as RTO by Flipkart. In this case this shipment information is available in RTO reports

Let us know if you find any other reason or instance when you scan the shipment and the same error is reported.


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