The reason addresses appear in the UNPROCESSED bucket is because we are not able to identify the area, locality or sub-locality from the shipment address. This needs your manual help and can be done easily with a little help.
Before we proceed lets look at the top reasons why addresses originally appear in this bucket

  1. incomplete address like B 1/433,NEW DELHI,DELHI,110058. This address has missing area or locality
  2. The address is incorrectly mapped and you have removed it and trying to map it again.
  3. The address has an incorrect PINCODE attached to it
  4. The address is one long, continuous string with no commas separating the area name, plot no, building name etc like this GOYAL CLINIC 662 A GAUSHALA ROAD NAJAFGARH NEW DELHI,DELHI,110043

Any Address can be removed from the MAP to UNPROCESSED

Any Address from the MAP (coloured RED) can be removed and put in UNPROCESSED BUCKET. Do this by simply clicking on the remove button on the top of every MAP.

Correcting the incorrect Address from UNPROCESSED

You can correct the addresses by following 4 simple steps to addressing the problem detailed above.

Once you correct the address you can also see them live on the Map on the right. Dont proceed before all addresses are mapped and the UNPROCESSED bucket is empty.


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